Come as a merchant

We are looking for market vendors to our event. All products, stand and the outfit of the vendor must be suitable to the period. Please note, that if you reserve a stand with us, you only pay for the table rent, not the surrounding space.

Scroll down to find some useful information about our market vendors and an e-form to apply with.

Enrollment closes at the 24th of June. All vendors will be contacted before the 30th of June.

Standart space

Standard space for a market stand is 2m (width) x 3m (depth). When reserving a slot please do consider that we don’t add extra space for passage around your slot. So if your tent is 6 meters wide and you would like to have passage space on both sides/ at one side of it, you should reserve 8 meters slot. Price for a standard 2m x 3m slot is 120€ / whole event.


Stand is of 0.8m x 1.2m of size. There is a small cosmetic shelter included to the table but it covers neither the product or the salesperson if a shower of rain should occure. Price is 65 euros per stand.


Travelling guide to Hollola

The event is situated at old Hollola. The best way to get there is by car since there is no public transport available at summertime. The GPS address is Rantatie 917, 16710 Hollola.

Public transport will bring you as far as the Lahti railway and bus station Matkakeskus.


Arrival / Leaving

Your market stand should be set up at Friday until 5 pm.

At Saturday and Sunday your stand should be ready until 9 am.

There’s shall be no modern vehicles at the event area during opening hours.

All packing and un-building of your stand shall begin only when the event has closed from the public.


We recommend to wash yourselves at the nearby lake Vesijärvi since there is no shower available. There are portable toilets in the area. Electricity can be arranged if needed. There’s no fridge or like it available. But there shall be night surveillance.


There is no ATM at the site. Nearest ATM can be found about 15 km east at Salpakangas.


Everybody is responsible for ones own meals. Warm meals can be purchased from the restaurant tent at lunch hours.There’s a grocery store “Sale” approx. 300 meters from the west gate.


No smoking at all times except at places clearly marked for smoking as “Tupakkapaikka”/ “smoking area”. This restriction is valid also during the feast and after opening hours of the event. Smoking at your fireplace is prohibited. This is a matter of fire security and common health.

Silence at the camp falls at 12pm. After this music and singing continues at the fireplace of the childrens area.

There shall be no cars at the event area during opening hours.

Modern items are NOT to be visible at the camp at ANY TIME.


During opening hours first aid personnel can be found at tent marked as “INFO”. While event is closed for audience first aid kit can be found at the same tent. Every security/health incident has to be reported for event safety manager (Lauri Lännenpää). In serious security/health incidents call for help at emergency number 112. The GPS address is Rantatie 917, 16710 Hollola.


Only above ground fireplaces allowed. Fireplace has to be as authentic as possible. There has to be at least one fire extinguisher for each fireplace. Fire extinguishers for emergency use are located at ticket sale booths, tent marked as “INFO”, at childrens area and at the restaurant.

Alcoholic beverages

During opening hours drinking alcohol is only allowed at the restaurant and only for over 18  year olds. Even when the  event is closed for audience please drink all beverages from a period cup. No bottles or cans visible.

Event security info

Event security briefing will be given to all attendees as suitable but there will be no separate garhering for this matter. A safety plan summary will be handed to all the tent elders.


Re-enactors and market sales personnel are welcome to bring pets with them to the event. For the audience it is prohibited to bring dogs to the area.


Enrollment as a market vendor.