Medium Aevum Hollolense ry

Advice for clothing

Please pay attention to your clothing, as the theme of our event is year 1400. Viking clothing are not suitable for our theme. Late 14th century clothes (till 1410) are fine. After all, we are living in far north, to where the latest fashion arrives with a delay.

Here are some ideas what to wear:

Women’s clothing

  • White/off-white linen under dress with long sleeves and hem lines
  • Overdress with either long or short sleeves suitable for the period 1350-1410
  • Shoes either period or possible-to-the period
  • Veil device or 15th century ladies hood (or both)
  • A belt
  • Accessories suitable to the period

Men’s clothing

  • White/off-white linen shirt with long sleeves
  • Linen loincloth/braies
  • Woollen hose (not joined)
  • Woollen tunic/doublet
  • Belt
  • Shoes either period/possible to the period
  • Coif/ trilby/ hood/ chaperon for headwear
Albucasis. Observations sur la nature et les propriétés de divers produits alimentaires et hygiéniques, sur des phénomènes météorologiques, sur divers actes de la vie humaine, etc.