The tournament 2018

At the year of our Lord A.D. 1418 a grand tournament will take place at the shire of Hollola. The tournament will be fought between the lords of Häme an Viborg castles. The tournament will be a spectacle lasting the entire weekend and will consist of multiple parts. Theme of the tournament will be the “fortress of love”. Fortress of love is a symbol for the honour of noble ladies. For this purpose a wooden coulisse of a fortress will be built from which ladies may observe the heroic actions of their champions. The stage will be set between a group of men-at-arms defending the fortress  and a group of noble knights trying to conquer it and the hearts of the noble ladies inside the fort. The show will end at the knights conquering the fort from the men-at-arms and surrendering themselves to the ladies.

Other shows during the medieval market will be “tournament of the foot”, an armoured man to man combat, a horse tournament and various displays of archery, gunnery and a trebuchet. Some of these may be included to the main tournament show.

Also the camps of the participating re-enactors will be a part of the show during the opening hours of the medieval market, displaying the daily life of the retinue of a noble lord.