Medium Aevum Hollolense ry

Rules of engagement

Tournament combat is by nature such that the aim is not to kill or harm your opponent, but rather to otherwise defeat and capture the opponent.

All strikes should be performed so that they do not cause any harm to one´s adversary even by accident. Injuring other participants is strictly forbidden.

Defeated combatants may signal their surrender by kneeling and raising their hand. Striking of surrendered combatant is forbidden. Also the surrendered may no longer take part to the combat. After winning the battle the knights surrender themselves to the noble ladies inside the fort.

“Remember, there is no shame in surrendering, but it is a skill to know when to surrender!”

Additional information for each part of the show and their corresponding rules and equipment regulations are to be found from separate section from this web page so every participant may decide which part of the show they want to take part in.

Main rules of engagement in tournament combat

  1. Do not hurt your opponent.
  2. Do not take risks that might lead to hurting your opponent, or anybody at all.
  3. Do not strike, or stab at the face, neck or groin of your opponent.

General safety rules

  • Participation under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited. (This includes serious hangover)
  • All participants are responsible for the safety of others. Do not continue attacking if you notice that your opponent is unable to defend themself.
  • Shout STOP if you see any endangering action! (A kid running amongst the fighters etc.)
  • When you hear someone shouting STOP! All action must cease until the endangering mishap has been solved.
  • The event organizers will oversee following of the rules. Any misbehavior may lead to removing a participant from the tournament field.

Attacking / Thrusting

  • Organizers recommend using mostly downward strikes to ensure the safety of other fighters.
  • Thrusts are allowed to the torso and with particular care if opponent wears sufficient torso armour.
  • If opponent has no adequate torso armour, stabbing attacks must be done past the torso and you may draw cut when pulling your sword back.

Forbidden hit locations

  • Face, neck, throat.
  • Backside of body.
  • Groin.

Forbidden techniques

  • Hitting with fists
  • Kicks
  • Joint locks.

Conquest of the fortress of love (Chamuzel)

Main event of the medieval market. Set between the teams of knight and opposing men-at-arms. The end result is pre-fixed so that eventually the men-at-arms will lose. Knights will be “immortal” whilst the men-at-arms will fight according to their sense of honour or to the third hit before surrendering. After conquering the fort the knights will surrender themselves to the ladies inside the fortress.

Briefing, inspection and training

There will be briefing about the rules and the content of the show on Friday evening. The organizers will check the safety of tournament equipment during the briefing, and there will be training session after the briefing.

Everyone taking part to the show should present their equipment for inspection before the show. You can show your equipment to the organizers (names). Everyone should take part at least one training session before the show.