Medium Aevum Hollolense ry

The Show


All participants will take part to a parade from the camp to the field of tournament in which knights will escort their noble ladies to the Fortress of Love. The ladies will lead their champions, the men-at-arms and retainers, from a gilded chain to the tournament field. Ladies and their champions will then set occupy the fortress and its gates. After that the noble knights will be presented to the audience. Each will be given a simple allegorical name such as “Knight of honour” from which the audience may recognize their favourite hero easily. Knights and equal men-at-arms will then present their challenges to one another by touching purple coloured shield for tournament on foot or black shield for jousting. The challenger will name the adversary who he wants to face in combat and the challenged must then accept the challenge. If the challenger does not name any particular opponent then one of the competitors must accept his challenge. Remember! It is a great honour to accept a challenge to combat and a great shame to decline from it.

Rules of engagement

For those taking part in the tournament games as well as to the audience will be made clear what is allowed and what is not durning the tournament combat. This is done so that the noble ladies and audience will know what leads to victory during tournament combat so that they can choose the winner. At the same occasion there will be fencing demonstration to show how weapons were used during judical combat or in the battlefield, as opposed to tournament combat.

Foot tournament

Tournament fought on foot in armour with wooden clubs according to the previously presented challenges. Challengers and the challenged should be present as well as their ladies. Noble ladies with the Knight of Honour will act as judges for the tournament. Couple of armigers with staffs will act as referees and step in if rules are violated. Lifelong shame to those who break the rules of combat! Each Lady will reward her victorious champion as she sees best according to chivalric customs. Each Lady will console her defeated champion as she sees best according to chivalric customs.

Siege demonstration

Demonstration of modern siege technology. First the gun the trebuchet and the hangonnes and pavices are presented to the audience. Then a group of younger knights and retainers try to conquest the Fortress of Love with the help of siege equipment. Then while scaling the walls with ladders the young men are rebelled by the Ladies inside tossing them with flowers. Finally the young knights manage to ram the gates open, but are  again rebelled by the ladies, tossing flowers. The fortress of love can be conquered only by chivalric deeds of combat! Finally the young men surrender to the defenders and swear to act as their champions, defending the Fortress.

Conquest of the Fortress of Love

Climax of the day. The knights and equal men-at-arms gather at one end of the tournament field from where they start their assault to the Fortress of Love under a hail of arrows from the defenders. The junior men-at-arms acting as champions for the ladies rush out from within the fortress and engage in a fight against the knights. A tournament melee will ensue which the Knights will win. After this the victorious knights will in part surrender themselves to ladies and maidens who will guide their heroes back to the camp. Festivities will ensue at the round table.

Feast at the round table

All participants taking part to the tournament show and from the camp will celebrate together at the round table. The “round table” will be assembled from tables gathered from different camps. Some of you may want take off their armour and change clothes and then take part at cooking and setting the table. The party will continue in other place after midnight.