Medium Aevum Hollolense ry

Tournament on foot

The foot tournament is fought in a wooden ring under a set of rules. The participants are required to have full armour that protects the user enough. More detailed instructions can be found from the equipment and rules page respectively.

Each fight is subjectively criticized by the judges. The judges focus on the use and presence of historical techniques. The noble ladies will be the judges and decide the result. The “knight of honour”  will help ladies to make their decision. There will be as many fights as the referee deems to be best. Then the ladies choose the winner.

See general rules of engagement.

Main rules of engagement in tournament combat

  1. Do not hurt your opponent.
  2. Do not take risks that might lead to hurting your opponent, or anybody at all.
  3. Do not strike, or stab at the face, neck or groin of your opponent.

Equipment requirements

  • Bascinet with visor and maille aventail.
  • Neck protector. (Separate maille standard or bevor)
  • Mail shirt with cuirass or coat of plates/brigandine.
  • Leg armour
  • Arm harness.
  • Also recommended
    • Heraldic surcoat
    • Groin protector
    • Wooden shield

Applying for participation

Volunteers for the tournament show are welcome. All noble ladies, strong men-at-arms and mighty knights, who are not banished, or the enemies of our lord king, are welcome. If the knights and men-at-arms wish to join the tournament they should indicate this by touching the violet shield for combat on foot and the black shield for mounted combat. Both shields are hanging on at the gate of the Fortress of Love. To participate each man entering the lists must present their coat-of-arms to the ladies, maidens, judges, and general public.

Rules for single combat on foot

Both combatants may make three strikes. Whoever makes their attacks first does not count. Whoever strikes the hardest does not count. The better strike is defined by skill and performance, not by strength and especially not by haste. Men-at-arms or armed retainers shall stop the fight on the command of the “knight of honour”. Participants must be sober. All weapons must be rebated. All participants must be properly armoured at five points.

Item 1: Victor is the one who gives the best strike out of the three he makes.

Item 2: Loser is the one who strikes below the belt.

Item 3: Loser is the one whose knee touches the ground first.

Item 4: Loser is the one who harms his opponent.

Ladies choose the winner. If need be, the “knight of honour” shall assist them in this mission.